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Glass Fibre


Carbon Fibre (CFRP)




Model Board







Our tooling range consists of both PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond) and Tungsten Carbide solid, and tipped.
These tools are designed to drill, surface finish or provide an Edge of Part (EOP) cutting solution with excellent RA values.

Dimension wise we provide industry wide sizes, but in addition we can develop a solution specific to your or your end user needs. In all cases we ensure that the tools are properly configured within your engineering environment.

Cruing also have the specialist Aerotech solution designed to minimise the dust produced in machining thus improving both product quality, and employee safety.

This also has the added advantage of significantly reducing the temperature around the cutting area; in some cases, this allows for higher speed cutting on inflammable materials providing adequate extraction is in place.


Cruing are the pioneers and leaders in Air Cooled Dry Cutting & Dust Free machining.

The Aerotech® System, winner of four international awards for innovation and technology, is a revolutionary tooling solution that thoroughly evacuates hot dust particles produced during cutting operations. Furthermore, by effectively air cooling the material and cutter, it significantly reduces machining temperatures.

Qualified by leading tier 1 manufacturers and aircraft OEMs, Aerotech® is the future in CNC machining of composite parts.

Cruing is specialized in the design and manufacture of PCD tools for composite materials: PCD technology combined with the Aerotech® System is your ‘best practice’, putting you on course to achieving shorter lead times and allowing aircraft manufacturers to deliver to customers on schedule.

We also have a consultancy solution where our senior engineers are in a position to review and assess an existing application to provide possible improvements or alternative solutions to existing problems

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