Cruing (UK) are, as stated, an engineering company first and foremost.  We breathe engineering and understand its importance to the country and economy. 

Our aim is to always understand the application, process and required outcomes before talking about products and solutions. 

Often these applications are central to the production process and instituting a change with our bespoke and standard products can bring about lasting improvements and deliver savings to both time and cost.

Our product range consists of both bespoke solutions specific to an engineering application, or standard solutions designed to improve on an established application where higher quality, precision tooling is required to bring about lasting change.

These bespoke tools may also in time become standard to both an individual customer and as a general offering as we continually look to improve out products through customer feedback and constructive criticism.

Cruing (UK) have already delivered numerous savings to both large and small engineering customers.  Our PCD products have been found to be some of the highest quality products in the market, and with high quality comes major deliverables

Cruing developed a “one-shot” drill and countersink solution for an aerospace client where on a glass and carbon laminate we not only halved the production cycle, but also delivered an end product with no delamination on exit, giving our customer a higher quality delivered product.

In conjunction with our Aerotech product, we not only increased the dust extraction from 75% to over 99%, we also improved the cooling on the drilled material which helped lessen changes to the production material.

Our Cruing 10mm Rad surface cutter was used on a Fan Cowl Door assembly surface at 16,000 RPM with a Feed of 12M per/min; both much higher than the previous solution.  This allowed the client to complete the production process in 2.5 Hours, Saving 14 Hours on an Aircraft Set of Cowls.

Furthermore the cutter had a much longer lifespan, required sharpening much less often and as such the customer was able to keep the production process going much longer, reducing a bottleneck in their process.

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